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A while back I was asked to embed a blog into Sitecore. And, although it’s simple to create in Sitecore, it’s even simpler to add something that was already written. (I’m a developer, we like to follow principles like DRY). Currently on the marketplace there are a couple of big ones, but only one real option that supports the popular technology MVC. That module is known as XBlog, which was written by a couple of XCentium developers (Zac Malmquist & Matt Kloss).

Unfortunately, though, the current version doesn’t work out-of-the-box with Sitecore 8. This is due to the new redesigned layout and it’s dependency on SPEAK (which modified the tree structure of the Launchpad and other UI menus). However, it’s very easy to modify Sitecore so it does. The following steps should resolve the problem though (which have been performed in XBlogForSitecore8-1.0 (a package I created)):

  1. Add launchpad icon.
    1. Create new “LaunchPad-Button” in /core/sitecore/client/Applications/Launchpad/PageSettings/Buttons/ToolsBecause this is SPEAK, it’s a LOT easier to just duplicate “Desktop”.
    2. Set “Text” field to XBlog
    3. Set Link to /sitecore/client/Your Apps/Blog Creator
  2. Update reference to jquery-fileupload
    1. Open \sitecore\shell\client\YourApps\XCore Tools\Renderings\Forms\UploadFiles.js
    2. Update both paths to include 1.1 (should be …/lib/ui/1.1/deps/…)
  3. Remove old LaunchPad icon
    1. The /sitecore/client/Applications/Launch Pad tree can be removed.

Hope that helps someone along the way.


Apparently there is also one more thing you need to modify in the install if you happen to use Internet Explorer to do your content editing (never caught it because, well, I don’t use that browser whenever possible). The only quirk is this modification needs to be done through Sitecore Rocks (until I update the SC8 XBlog patch linked above).

  1. Open Sitecore Rocks (either through Visual Studio or as a standalone application).
  2. Connect to your instance and locate the /core/sitecore/client/Your Apps/Blog Creator node, right click and select “Tasks->Design Layout” (or you can select the node and press Ctrl+U).
  3. In the item window you’ll notice two devices:
    1. Internet Explorer (Yup, you guessed it)
    2. Firefox (which is synonymous with “Not Internet Explorer”)
  4. The layout from Firefox needs to be copied over to Internet Explorer, which can be done by:
    1. Select the Firefox device so we can actually see a defined layout.
    2. Click the menu icon (Sitecore Rocks Menu Icon) on the top-left and select Tasks->Copy to Other Device->Internet Explorer
    3. Save

You should now be able to view the XBlog page (via our new button) in Internet Explorer. (Oh joy)

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