Sitecore 8 Experience Editor issue when including jQuery

Thought I would mention that apparently the Sitecore 8 Experience Editor (editor formerly known as Page Editor) has issue with jQuery when it’s included on the page. I thought it may have bee related to MVC, but then came across the knowledge article detailing the problem I was having. (I experienced the inability to open modal windows such as the layout details editor).

However, since I did dig into it, I did also find a work-around (other than using noConflict as the kb article details). It was to include the following on your page (I’m using MVC, but could be applicable to a WebForms site–I’m just not going to detail the code).

@if (Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsPageEditor)

Just thought I’d pass along. The above should probably go just before your </body> tag.

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Brad Christie

Software programmer from New Hampshire who enjoys the challenge and fulfillment of accomplishing any size task with ingenuity and persistence. I currently work at Sitecore as a Solutions Architect and an MVC evangelist.

  • Mike Donahue

    Great tip! Thanks for sharing!

  • moheb

    this didn’t save the saving
    @if (!Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsPageEditor)