Hi there, and welcome to my blog! So you read one of my posts are are still curious what makes me tick? Let me see if I can satisfy that curiosity…

As you probably know by now, my name is Brad Christie. I live in southern New Hampshire and am 28 years old. I’m a computer geek with a thirst for anything technology related, but more so about discovering how and why things work and how I can make them better. I’ve worked on and with computers since I can remember. My aunt, to this day, brings up how I played on her computer working in DOS. So, suffice it to say it’s been a long time.

I’m a .NET developer working with most of the newest technologies (as can be seen by my tags on StackOverflow). I’m also an occasional blogger, but hope to be working on that some more in the coming months.

Currently I work for Sitecore out of the Manchester, NH office doing presales development. This basically means I’m involved with working on Proof-of-Concepts and helping clients download and install them (in some cases).  Because Sitecore is such an awesome platform, my hope is to start adding more entries here giving my insights into the platform, both from a fresh set of eyes and from an MVC developer’s perspective (since MVC is new to Sitecore as of 6.6).

If you want more information about me, I recommend checking out my History. Otherwise, I hope one of my posts has helped you, and I appreciate any and all feedback.

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  • Chris

    i’m new to html, jquery etc and I’m trying to create a form that will list multiple checkboxes, allow the user to check multiple checkboxes and then press a button to display their selection on the same page.  Here is an example:

    checkbox English
    checkbox Spanish
    checkbox French

    button My Interests

    Results will display here once the button “My Interests” is clicked

    I have some basic coding already done and I’m sure this is rather easy for you but I can’t seem to get working what I have.  Your help is greatly appreciated!